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MAR011 – Ecume de Mai
MAR06 – Ookpik
MAR05 – Carnet de Croquis….
MAR04 – Extenz’O
MAR03 – Piano solo
MAR02 – Bjurström/ Rocher
MAR01 – On a marché sous la pluie
MARL01 – Le voyage d’Hipollène
MARS01 – Le Voleur et la Princesse

Mz Records (previously named Marmouzic) was created in 2000 to support the musical works of Christofer Bjurström and Christophe Rocher. The label publishes musical albums and albums for younger audiences (from Compagnie Marmouzic). Now it supports mainly Christofer Bjurström’s and Cie Marmouzic’s albums, but it is open to other musicians.

The records are sold on website Les Allumés du Jazz

You will also find them on Mz Records Bandcamp