Catherine Le Flochmoan: tale and singing
Christofer Bjurstrom: piano, flutes, sanza, santour, composition

François Malet: percussion

Published in 2014

Book-CD: the CD of the show, with the album “The Tree without end” by Claude Ponti.

An unforgettable journey into the enchanting and fantastic world of Claude Ponti.

“The Tree Without End”, by Claude Ponti, is one of those albums that combine the wonderful, the fantastic, the poetry and the deep sense of things. Hipollene’s initiation journey into “the world at the bottom of the endless tree”, her victory over her fears, her personal and individual quest, are absolutely magical, for both children and adults.

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What was said in the press

TELERAMA, Out, November 2011

Editor’s Note: TTT Bravo

Hippolene lives happily with her parents in a tree that she believes to be infinite. When her grandmother disappears, her sadness leads her on an initiation journey where encounters and trials will make her grow up… At the start of this original concert book, the fantastic and poetic world of Claude Ponti and his “Endless Tree”. To bring this album to life on stage, Christofer Bjurstrom, pianist, composer and great specialist in film-concerts, has surrounded himself with a filmmaker for the setting of images, a storyteller-singer, who interprets the story live, and a percussionist. A beautiful and talented artistic composition that combines storytelling, music and cinema. A show not to be missed.

Françoise Sabatier-Morel

Ouest-France, November 14, 2011

26th Brest Short Film Festival, Le Quartz, Brest National Stage

The small theatre of Quartz was packed with children and parents…..

The music, with its African colours and the charming voice of the storyteller, blithely transports us into the enchanting, unsettling and shivering world of the book. The initiation events of little Hipollène are wonderfully transcribed by the trio.

Bewitched, the audience gave an un restrained ovation to the three artists.